SopFilter Manual

Version 3.0.3
Sep 9, 2008

1. Introduction

SopFilter is a plugin for Windows Media Player (WMP). With SopFilter you can watch SopCast channels by WMP directly. It also simplifies your experience to embed channels to your web page.

2. Download and install

  • Download SopFilter installation package from
  • Run the package and follow the steps to finish the installation


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3. Play in WMP

  • Open Windows Media Player
  • Select "File", then "Open URL", input the sop address of your favorite channel


  • Click OK, wait for about 20~40 seconds, and the channel will start to play.

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4. Embedded in Web Page

Once you installed SopFilter for WMP, you can embed Windows Media Player ActiveX in web page (html) to play SopCast channels. The following code snippet shows how to get it done.

5. More Information

If you have any problem or advice when using SopFilter, please contact with


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