SopCast Android Manual

Version 0.9.9
Sep 5, 2013

1. Introduction

SopCast Android version is a general player. Supports android smart phone, pad, set-top-box and other devices with Android 2.2+. Besides playing SopCast P2P live channels, it also can play most types of local audio and video files, and URL-based streaming media. SopCast efforts to reduce CPU usage and only buffer data in memory, no harm to your storage. enjoy it!

Android version can be run on:

  • Android 2.2 or above

2. Download and Install

Download Android version from

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3. Android Version Manual

3.1 Initialization

3.1.1 Loading

3.1.2 User Sign In

When open SopCast first time or click "Menu>>Server", "User Sign In" dialog will be displayed to prompt you to sign in. There are 3 methods to do it, Most general users just choose "Sign in as anonymous" to sign in; Registed users of SopCast website can choose "Sign in with user account"; VIP users can choose "Sign in with device ID" or "Sign in with user account", it depends on your account type.

3.1.3 Select Server

When you submitted signing in request, "Choose Server" dialog will be displayed to prompt you to choose one of servers to get authentication, channel, and UI information.

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3.2 Main Interface

When finished the initialization, you are entered the main interface, available channels will listed. Thumnail UI is available for VIP users. Click channel name to playe channel.

3.2.1 Channel List View

3.2.2 Player View

When click channel name, player view will be displayed. Firstly channel will buffer, and will start to play when beffer level reaches 20. Switch display

Channel List: Click on video surface or press "menu" key to switch display between Channel list or Control bar.

Control Bar: Click on video surface or press "menu" key to switch display between Channel list or Control bar. Adjust brightness and volume

Swipe up or down on left side of video surface to adjust brightness.

Swipe up or down on right side of video surface to adjust volume. Add favorite channel

Click "STAR" button in control bar to add the channel to favorite chanenl group.

add fav Record channel

Click "Record" button in control bar to record the channel. you can record the channel in 2 modes "Start Record Now" and "Timing Record".

record channel

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3.3 Main Menu

Press system "Menu" key to open "Main Menu".

3.3.1 Local Media

Click "Local Media" botton to enter "local Media" interface.

3.3.2 Refresh

Click "Menu>>Refresh" to refresh channel list.

3.3.3 Favorite

Click "Menu>>Favorite" to list favarite channels.

fav channel

3.3.4 Schedule

Click "Menu>>Schedule" to list schedule of timing record.

rec schedule


3.3.5 Open URL

Click "Menu>>Open URL" to open URL-based live stream, you can also input a sop address (like sop://...) or only channel id to play a SopCast channel.


3.3.6 Sort Channel

Click "Menu>>Sort By" to choose one method of "Group, Channel ID, Channel Name, Channel Bitrate, Channel Signal" to sort channels. Click one method twice will list channel in descending order.

sort channel


3.3.7 Expand/Collapse

Click "Menu>>Expand/Collapse" to Expand or Collapse channel list tree.

3.3.8 Set Server

Click "Menu>>Server" to redo user signing in and reselect server.

3.3.9 Preference

Click "Menu>>Preference" to show Preference view about this program.


3.3.10 About

Click "Menu>>About" to show About of this program.


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3.4 Play Local File

As a general media player, SopCast support most media types, you can browse and click media file to play.

3.4.1 Local File View


3.4.2 Player View


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